ghim cua so ung dung calculator1

How to pin the Calculator on the Windows 10 screen to always float above other applications

Calculator is one of the few indispensable platform applications, built into every version of Windows. Although the main purpose has not changed: Help users solve mathematical calculations from simple to complex. But Calculator has improved a lot in both interface and features in the past few years. For example, Calculator on Windows 10 has now…

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sua loi khong goi dien duoc qua ung dung your phone tren windows 10

Fix the error of having a Bluetooth connection but not being able to make calls via the Your Phone app on Windows 10

The Your Phone application helps you easily send/receive calls and messages right on your Windows 10 computer. One of the common problems that people often encounter when using Your Phone is when there is a call to the application. This will display the error message: Can’t receive call audio on this device. Accept on phone…

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